Badger Barn Cleaners & Chain

Choose the transmission that meets your needs. The 580 drive, rated up to 5 HP, provides all the power necessary for most barn cleaning chores, and pulls up to 500 feet of chain. For those extra long, hard-to-pull jobs, choose the super 770, which is rated up to 7-1/2 HP and pulls up to 700 feet of chain.

  • Large 2-1/2" diameter drive shafts are standard
  • Precision-bored, one-piece heavy cast frame assures perfect alignment of upper and lower bearings
  • Over 25 square inches of bearing surface in both top and bottom bearings
  • Spiral groove lubrication in both main bearings
  • Pinions feature stress-proof steel pinions for strength and wear-resistance
  • Model 580 features high-strength alloyed cast iron gears
  • Gears of the Model 770 are made of ductile iron with 100,000 PSI tensile strength

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