TMR Mixers

Trioliet Roto-Mix Patz

Let's face it, if your cows don't eat you probably won't either

At Cliff's we feel that mixers are that important. After all you use them every single day. We are committed to helping you find the best solution to keep your cows fed with the best mix possible.

We are proud to represent three of the best made mixers available. We regularly sell and service trailer, truck and stationary mixers.

When it comes to mixers, Trioliet is the top of the line. Their innovative features and heavy duty construction give you a very durable machine and a fantastic mix. Trioliet is the largest manufacturer of vertical mixers in the world and have been building quality machines for over 65 years. Trioliet is best known for their larger machines, triple screws up to 2000 cubic feet, but they also have single and twin screw machines 250 cubic feet and up. They offer stationary mixers up to 1450 cubic feet.

Trioliet is also one of the first companies to offer fully robotic feeding. Just make sure the bunkers are full and let Trioliet handle the rest! Feed up to 600 cows automatically up to 12 times a day. No other company can offer a proven system like this! (pull the photo from the Triomatic pdf file and put it next to this section)

Roto Mix is also known for building heavy duty machines that last. We have been proud to sell their mixers for over 25 years and can vouch for their durability. They are perhaps best known for their reel type mixers and innovative staggered rotor, but they also offer a line of vertical mixers from 300 to 1300 cu ft. All Roto Mix mixers are built to last.

Many people recognize the distinct blue of Patz mixers. A solid value line mixer, Patz is manufactured right here in Wisconsin. We are glad to have their quality machines in our line up.

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When shopping for a mixer, who you buy it from is as important as what you buy. Look at the differences.

Cliff's Average Dealer
Mixers in stock over 60 new and used right now maybe 2 or 3
Sizes available 400 cf to 1500 cf regularly stocked 400 cf to 600 cf max
Quality loaners available yes not likely
Parts on hand yes not always
Factory trained techs specializing in mixer repair 6 none
Crane truck available for in field repairs yes no
Fully equipped shop for major repairs yes no
Able to handle major tub and auger repairs yes no
After hours and weekend service available yes not always
Trade ins welcome yes not always
Quality used and rebuilt mixers available yes no