Miscellaneous Equipment

As a natural extension of our expertise in mixers and feeding, we also have a few key components to make handling hay and forage easier. Couldn't you stand for a few things to be easier?


Schuitemacher products are the newest addition to our catalog, but the company is far from new. They have been producing quality equipment in Holland since 1919. Their forage equipment is some of the most innovative we have seen.

Their Rapide system of multi-purpose wagons chop and load forage with one machine! Imagine the time you can save during hay season. When the weather is right, the hay is right, who couldn't use more time. Rapide wagons are available in a variety of sizes with a number of discharge options to perfectly suite your farm.

Like the Rapide System, the Siwa line of feed wagons are built to last and available in a wide variety of sizes and discharge options to suite your needs.

Roto Grind

What to do with your hay once you have it? Roto Grind has your solution. Their tub grinders are designed to efficiently process hay, straw and other forages. But, they work for almost anything you need to chop up. You won't find an easier to operate, more dependable, more cost effective machine on the market.

Need to grind up corn or grain instead of hay? No problem. The best solution on the market today is Roto Grind's GG10 grain grinder. We won't get into the nutritional benefits of ground corn for livestock here. We'll just say that the GG10 is simple to operate, dependable, and gives you a great end product.

Highline Manufacturing

Are you sensing a theme here? Simple to operate, durable, outstanding results. How could Highline not fit our catalog? They build an outstanding horizontal bale processor with a number of possible configurations. To process your bales, the Base unit will fit your needs. Need it a bit finer cut? Add the secondary processor. Need to blow it quite a ways? The Top Gun will fit the bill. They even have an innovation to handle square bales easier.

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