Lawn/Garden & Tractors

Bad Boy Mowers Dixie Chopper

It doesn't get much more rural than Friesland. So we carry lawn/garden equipment and compact tractors that caters to our area and the people who live here with us. Nothing is worse than running into someone who bought equipment that doesn't work at a basketball game or in the grocery store. That's why we sell products we can be proud of and take care of them as if they were our own.

Bad Boy mowers started in the mid 1980's with two guys building mowers in their garage in Arkansas. They started by building mowers they would like to use and it grew from there. You may have seen their distinctive orange machines or bulldog logo. Today they are growing in popularity simply because they are built like a nimble tank and prices attractively.

Dixie Chopper was born in a similar fashion, except the garage was a barn and it was in Indiana. Their claim to fame as the fastest mowers on the market is well founded. They fly. That's why they have seat belts. Durability and innovation have been their hallmarks since the first Dixie Chopper rolled out of the barn doors.

Don't settle for a disposable mower. The mowers we carry are built to outlast two or three lighter duty machines.

Branson Tractors

Branson Tractors may be the best tractor you've never heard of. They don't waste a lot of time or money telling you how great they are. They just build good tractors. Compare the fit and finish and overall design to anything on the market. They ergonomic design of the operator area matches or surpasses competitive models as well.

But a tractor doesn't do anyone any good if it doesn't work. Branson builds a tractor that flat out works. With all the tractors we've sold over the years, it is very rare to have one in the shop broken down.