Feed Handling

Jamesway Farm Equipment Patz Corporation
Vandale Valmetal

Silo unloaders, conveyors, feeders, and feed carts are a vital part of many farms. At Cliff's we offer the best new and used feed handling equipment from the most respected names in the business.

Jamesway and VanDale have set the industry standard for this type of equipment for years and continue to lead the way.

Val Metal acquired Jamesway a few years ago and added their equipment to their already impressive catalog of quality and innovative equipment. They also provide the trend breaking Hanson unloaders.

Anyone who has spent time in a feed room recognizes the distinctive blue of Patz equipment. The industry's workhorse has been keeping cows fed reliably for decades.

Feed carts may have been supplanted a bit by mixers, but don't tell the Weaver family. They have been making the best feed carts available, Weaverline, in rural Pennsylvania for years. Quality, durability and reliability have been the hallmarks of their equipment and continues to be.

Has your current feeding equipment seen better days? Call Cliff's. We'll help you identify what will fit your needs and keep your cows fed and happy for years to come.

Need to keep your current system going? Our factory trained technicians and extensive parts inventory will get you back in the game.