Dairy Equipment

DeLaval Mueller

A lot has changed since 1948 when we sold our first milking equipment. We've changed too.

There are very few companies with people that understand milking equipment more than Cliff's. Our Dairy Team has years of experience with all aspects of the process. From the higher tech aspects such as automation and cooling to the less technical – stalls and penning, our experts can help.

Milking 50 cows and just need an easier way? Takeoffs, controls, and different stall options might make your life easier.

Milking 300 and need an upgrade? Check out the latest technology the industry has available.

Milking 1500 and just need support? Our crack techs and sales people can help.

Looking to expand? Nobody knows Dairy systems better than the people at Cliff's.

Our Techs are always available to keep you running. Prefer to avoid problems? Ask about our Preventive Maintenance programs!

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Our knowledge doesn't stop at the milkhouse door. We can help with your barn too! We are proud to sell several lines of waterers, the best cow comfort products in the world, and some of the most efficient ventilation equipment available today!