About Us

We installed our first Delaval equipment in 1948 as 'Cliff's Electric'. Since Clifford Dykstra started the company, it seemed like a logical name. He continued running the business until the mid 1960's when he recruited the most reliable help he could find, his sons Dennis and Larry. Dennis stayed behind the scenes managing the office and store, Larry traveled the countryside selling and Clifford doing what he did best - managing the service.

The two brothers continued on after Clifford passed in 2001 recruiting more help along the way. Mike Barrett and Jay Dykstra joined the ownership team in the 2000's. Unfortunately, Larry joined Clifford and passed away in 2012 leaving many people missing his bad jokes. Dennis still joins us every day to make sure we do things right.

So here we are. Three generations, 1 idea – sell quality products at a fair price, keep them running, live up to your promises.